Configurable Data Integration and Migration Software

Scribe Insight Enterprise has been specifically designed to support the effective deployment of a number of market leading business applications including Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Salesforce, and Microsoft Dynamics GP, NAV, and AX. More specifically, Scribe Insight Enterprise enables customers to quickly and seamlessly integrate these mission critical applications with other applications and data stores in the enterprise. Scribe Insight Enterprise is the core technology that forms the basis for the migration and integration solutions utilizing a unique and open template model that enables companies to quickly and efficiently configure any data integration or migration to meet their specific needs, all without having to write a single line of code. In short, Scribe is the fastest and most comprehensive way to integrate these applications into the enterprise.

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Scribe Internal Database 
The Scribe Internal database is a Microsoft SQL Server or Microsoft SQL 2005 Express Edition database that is used by all other Scribe components. The database contains settings, process execution history, error logs, and so on. 

Scribe Insight Server
The Scribe Insight server uses Windows services to provide automated integration processes and system monitoring. The Insight server also includes Scribe Workbench and Scribe Console components. 

Scribe Workbench
The Scribe Workbench provides a rich graphical environment in which data translations can be designed, tested and manually run. These data translations can be saved as data translation specification (.dts) files, which are the fundamental building blocks of Scribe Insight processes. After the Scribe Insight server has been installed and configured, the Scribe Workbench can be installed on any workstation on your network. 

Scribe Console
The Scribe Console is a Microsoft Management Console (MMC) -based application providing a user interface for configuring and managing automated integration processes on the Insight server. The Scribe Console can be installed independently from the rest of the product, and can be configured to connect to a Scribe Insight server on your network or over the Internet.

Scribe Web server
The Scribe Web server lets the Scribe Console access the Scribe Insight server over the Internet and allows XML data to be received via HTTP. 

Scribe adapters
Scribe adapters provide an interface to a specific application or technology. Scribe has a full suite of adapters for the leading front office and back office applications. The adapters are included as part of the Scribe Insight installation.