Se ha presentado un problema en los clientes que con Roles creados por Nosotros no pueden ingresar la primera vez, se ha encontrado una solución que se presenta a continuación.  Lo puede encontrar tambien en aquí.

am having a strange issue with our CRM 4 system.


I have setup a couple of limited security roles.

One is "General CRM user" which has all the basic rights that a CRM user needs (every user will have this)

There are a number of others that have different levels of security for the custom entities.

When creating a new user, and giving them "General CRM user" and another role. That user cannot log in, we get a message about not having sufficient permissions.

If i then add the "System Administrator" right to that user, log in, then log out and remove the "system administrator" role and try log in again, everything is fine and the user can log in and operate as required.

Not sure why this is happening? is there a security right that a users needs when they first log on initially?


The culprit is that the role assigned to user (logging in the first time), should have the "Write " permisison on the entity "User Settings" (check under the "Business Management" tab in in the role).

Once you loging the first time with that permisison, CRM does some backend "house-keeping" tasks that will take care of your issue with login.